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A forum dedicated to the sitcom Terry & June, and predecessor, Happy Ever After.
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 Series Eight (1985)

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PostSubject: Series Eight (1985)   Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:08 am

46 "Many a Slip" John Kane Martin Shardlow 7 September 1985 (1985-09-07)
When Beattie refuses to make tea for the company's cricket match after an argument with Malcolm, Terry volunteers June to take her place. She agrees on the condition that he promises to decorate the spare room for her mother's coming visit. Terry wants to play in the cricket match, but Sir Dennis will not let him as he plays awfully. However, when the last man to bat, Potter (Barry Woolgar), has to leave when his wife goes into labour, Terry takes his place. The ball hits his head and flies into a tree and while the opposition get it down, Terry gets 19 runs and they win the match.
47 "Unfaithfully Yours" John Kane Martin Shardlow 14 September 1985 (1985-09-14)
Miss Fennel has fallen in love with Sir Dennis, and when he takes her to lunch, she believes that he will propose. Instead, he offers to move her to another post in the company. Sir Dennis quickly decides he wants to marry Miss Fennel's replacement, the young Lola Philipott (Julie Dawn Cole). They soon become engaged. June sees Lola in the cinema kissing another man, who turns out to be Sir Dennis's chauffeur (Tony O'Callaghan), while Miss Fennel finds out Lola was married before. To begin with Sir Dennis does not believe them, but soon overhears Lola talking badly of him and ends the engagement.
48 "One Arabian Night" Colin Bostock-Smith Martin Shardlow 21 September 1985 (1985-09-21)
Sir Dennis makes Terry and June put up Prince Abdul Aziz (Derek Griffiths) the evening before an important business deal. They try to respect his Arab customs and are surprised when he insists they go to a pub and then drinks alcohol. The Prince takes a liking to June, and Terry jokingly agrees to sell her for 70 camels. Abdul Aziz takes the deal seriously and Terry has to refuse to honour it. The Prince is impressed that Terry has stood up to him rather than fawn over him like Sir Dennis has done, and agrees to sign the contract.
49 "New Doors for Old" Terry Ravenscroft Martin Shardlow 28 September 1985 (1985-09-28)
When Tarquin and Melinda get a new front door, June tries to persuade Terry they should get a new one. Two weeks later they go to ‘’Dorien Doors’’ and buy a new door. Terry refuses to pay to have it fitted, so attempts to do so himself. Just before fitting the new door, June gives the old door away to two boys for a bonfire, and when the new door turns out to be too short, they have to go searching for the old door. When the replacement arrives, it is too long, but once again June has given away their old door, so they have to shave off two inches from the new door.
50 "Death of a Salesman" John Kane Robin Nash 5 October 1985 (1985-10-05)
With his annual medical coming up, Terry decides to get fit by taking more exercise and vitamin pills. After over-hearing Dr. Fletcher (John Woodnutt) on the telephone, Terry mistakenly believes he has 24 hours to live. He is then rude to Sir Dennis, and leaves work. That evening, when Malcolm and Beattie come round for dinner, Terry gets a call from Dr. Fletcher who tells him his medical was fine. Terry is then worried he has lost his job, but Sir Dennis comes round and says he was impressed with how Terry spoke to him, and thinking Terry was leaving for a rival company, offers him a pay rise.
51 "A Question of Property" John Kane Robin Nash 12 October 1985 (1985-10-12)
Terry finds a homeless man, Owen Midgely (Edward Phillips), in his garden shed. June feels guilty about making him leave, and when she and Terry return from Church they find him mowing their lawn, they find it more difficult still to ask him to leave. Owen later decides to leave, but Terry and June discover he has stolen a valuable clock. Midgely later returns the clock, having fixed it and it is now worth £3000; the exact amount Terry and June had just lost when a holiday company they had invested in, at the suggestion of Malcolm and Beattie, went bust.
52 "Terry in Court" Eric Merriman and John Chapman Martin Shardlow 19 October 1985 (1985-10-19)
Terry's car is damaged when a council rubbish van backs into it while June is in it; however, the Council claim that she backed into them and will not pay out. Terry decides to take Purley Council to court and after seeing his solicitor Mr. Smith (John Horsley), decides to represent himself. The Judge (John Barron) takes a dim view of Terry representing himself, as does the defence barrister Mr. Robinson (Robert East). Miss Dingle, who witnessed the incident, falls apart in Court and cannot seem to remember what happened. Mr. Grubb (John Bardon), the council driver, also appears as a witness and admits that Terry's car was stationary and Terry wins damages of £250, much to his delight. This episode is a re-make of a Happy Ever After episode, with Miss Dingle taking the lines of Aunt Lucy.
53 "The Sporting Life" John Kane Martin Shardlow 26 October 1985 (1985-10-26)
The Vicar and Miss Dingle approach Terry about raising money to help the Church start a Youth Club, so he and June have a sale from their front garden. Terry later builds a table tennis table, for use in the youth club and is keen to use it for the weekend until they give to the Church. He tricks Malcolm and Beattie into coming round and play by telling them it is a full size tennis court. However, they agree to play and Malcolm and Terry cannot stop playing as they become ever more competitive. After playing for several hours, Terry wins and to celebrate jumps over the net, wrecking the table.
54 "The Dish" Greg Freeman Martin Shardlow 2 November 1985 (1985-11-02)
Sir Dennis is keen to capture the European market and lunches with Swiss businessman Mr. Henri. Malcolm and Terry then both lie and impress Sir Dennis by telling him that they regularly watch European TV via their satellite dishes. However, when Sir Dennis then says Mr. Henri wants to watch a "special programme" using the dish that evening, Malcolm gets out of it leaving Terry to get a dish for the night via Mr. Browne (Clive Panto), who had been fixing their guttering. After considerable problems getting the dish to work, Terry and June discover that the "special programme" is Dallas.
55 "I'll Be Met By Moonlight" Colin Bostock-Smith Martin Shardlow 9 November 1985 (1985-11-09)
June is concerned about the health of Jack (John Rapley), an old friend who is the landlord of their local pub The Feathers, and when his doctor tells him and his wife to take a holiday, Terry and June offer to run the pub in their absence, despite Malcolm reminding Terry that Sir Dennis forbids his employees having second jobs. On their first evening, a colleague of Terry’s, Gower (Daniel Hill), deliberately takes Sir Dennis to the pub, to get back at Terry who accidentally revealed that Gower was also a taxi driver. Despite trying to fool Sir Dennis, Terry and June are discovered. After explaining, Sir Dennis forgives Terry as long as he can try his hand behind the bar.
56 "Mistaken Identikit" Eric Merriman and John Chapman Martin Shardlow 16 November 1985 (1985-11-16)
June and Beattie, who is staying with the Medfords’ while Malcolm is away, see a report on a Surrey handbag thief nicknamed the "Granny Grabber" on the TV news. The police drawing of the criminal looks exactly like Terry, and people soon start thinking it is him, including neighbour Mrs. Robins (Josephine Tewson). Next morning, the drawing is on the front of many national newspapers and Terry insists on going to the Police Station to tell them it is not him. That evening, he and June are due to go to a business reception and Terry wears a fake beard and glasses to avoid been mistaken for the criminal. The reception goes well, but on the way home Terry is stopped by the Police for not having his lights on. When doing a breathalyser test, Terry’s fake moustache flies off and Terry is taken to the Police Station as they think he is the Granny Grabber. He is only released when the real culprit is caught red-handed. This episode is another re-make of an episode of Happy Ever After, with Beattie taking the lines of Aunt Lucy.
57 "Lover, Come Back to Me" John Kane Martin Shardlow 23 November 1985 (1985-11-23)
June gets a letter from Nigel Coalfax, whom she dated for a year and half in her teens until he emigrated to Australia, and who is in the UK on business. When Terry cancels his and June’s skiing holiday due to work commitments, she decides to have dinner with Nigel at his hotel and makes Terry jealous. The following day he finds a letter from June to Nigel saying her current life is a "sham" and telling of her love for him, not knowing that the letter was written years before. That evening, a drunken Terry and Sir Dennis interrupt a Poetry Circle at Terry’s house, with the Vicar, Beattie and Miss Dingle present. Sir Dennis insists Terry take June on the holiday and they soon make up when he realises his mistake.
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Series Eight (1985)
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