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A forum dedicated to the sitcom Terry & June, and predecessor, Happy Ever After.
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 Series Seven (1983)

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PostSubject: Series Seven (1983)   Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:07 am

"Photo Finish" John Kane Peter Whitmore 31 October 1983 (1983-10-31)
Terry can't resist a bargain second-hand camera which re-kindles his interest in photography, while June is tempted by a new dress to wear to dinner at Sir Dennis'. When Terry tries to take a "warm and friendly" photograph of Sir Dennis it's up to June to get him out of a difficult situation.
41 "One Little Pig" Terry Ravenscroft Peter Whitmore 7 November 1983 (1983-11-07)
When June discovers that the valuable diamond in her engagement ring is missing during a baking session Terry goes on a treasure hunt to find it and comes up against inedible rock cakes, a reluctant pig eating a vindaloo curry, disbelieving policemen and a blocked u-bend.
42 "In the Navy" Terry Ravenscroft Peter Whitmore 14 November 1983 (1983-11-14)
Terry takes June with him on a business trip to Ross-on-Wye, where he finds himself involved in a raft race after boasting of his achievements in the Royal Navy. With his job under threat if he loses, Terry resorts to cheating by hiding an outboard motor behind his raft. When this breaks down he paddles slowly to the finish line, but the resulting positive publicity he receives in the local press means that even though he has lost the race he keeps his job.
43 "Too Many Cooks" John Kane Peter Whitmore 21 November 1983 (1983-11-21)
Terry and June are hosting a barbecue, but as usual Terry goes berserk, first setting the canopy on fire and later the fence. Malcolm and Beattie having misread the invitation arrive dressed as Red Indians which Terry thinks is hilarious, but the smile is soon wiped off his face when the rain starts and nobody will eat his hamburgers.
44 "Pardon My Dust" John Kane Peter Whitmore 28 November 1983 (1983-11-28)
Terry receives a letter informing him that his great uncle Charlie has died. He and June decide to go to the funeral but arrive at the wrong church. When they finally reach the wake they discover that his last wish was to have his ashes scattered in Piccadilly Circus. But when Terry is asked to scatter the ashes of Uncle Charlie he ends up at Bow Street Court while the ashes are tested by the police for drugs.
45 "The Artistic Touch" John Kane Peter Whitmore 5 December 1983 (1983-12-05)
Malcolm asks Terry to look after a portrait of the company chairman Sir Dennis Hodge. Unfortunately, when Terry takes the painting home it is damaged by the tradesmen working at his house. After a failed attempt to restore the painting, Terry and June take it round to Malcolm's house. Malcolm is out but his wife Beattie says that there is no need to tell Malcolm and suggests that Terry and June break into the house and steal the portrait. Reluctantly they agree, but during the break in they encounter real burglars who steal the painting.
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Series Seven (1983)
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