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A forum dedicated to the sitcom Terry & June, and predecessor, Happy Ever After.
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 Series Three (1981)

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PostSubject: Series Three (1981)   Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:03 am

14 "The Lawnmower" Dave and Greg Freeman Peter Whitmore 13 November 1981 (1981-11-13)
Terry discovers that his old neighbour Frank Wilson has moved to Saudi Arabia and let his house fully furnished including a lawnmower that Terry had lent him. However, their new neighbours Tarquin (Allan Cuthbertson) and Melinda (Joan Benham) Spry refuse to return the lawnmower as it was included in the property inventory that he signed. When Terry and his nephew Alan attempt to reclaim the lawnmower, Alan forgets to bring the torch so has to light a match to see what they're doing. The shed is full of fireworks which Tarquin and Melinda plan to use for their Mexican themed house-warming party. Alan burns his fingers and drops the match setting off the fireworks. The next day, having received notice that the lawnmower was not meant to be included on the inventory, Tarquin returns the lawnmower to Terry. Unfortunately, it has been badly burnt in the shed fire caused by the fireworks the previous evening.
15 "Stars On Sunday" John Kane Peter Whitmore 20 November 1981 (1981-11-20)
Terry and June visit Malcolm who is in hospital after a suspected heart attack and they get roped into helping the hospital radio station. They plan to perform a play written by one of the nursing staff; Terry plans to host a discussion on the state of the hospital food (which causes the catering staff to strike), while June plans to host a cookery spot. Unfortunately, things don't go to plan during the live performance when Terry and Malcolm drop their scripts on the floor leading to utter confusion.
16 "It's A Knockout" John Kane Peter Whitmore 27 November 1981 (1981-11-27)
Terry is keeping June awake learning French for a job interview in his firm's new Brussels department which chairman Sir Dennis Hodge (Reginald Marsh) is launching to combat the Japanese dominance in European fire extinguisher sales. After midnight their nephew Alan arrives expecting them to store a collection of rabbit costumes and giant carrots, which are part of his latest business deal, in their spare bedroom. Surprisingly, Terry's interview goes well and Sir Dennis invites himself to dinner to assess the hospitality skills of the Medfords. So when Alan arrives with four Japanese businessmen to see the rabbit costumes moments before Sir Dennis arrives Terry and June are in for a hectic evening.
17 "Friends And Neighbours" Jon Watkins Peter Whitmore 4 December 1981 (1981-12-04)
June wants Terry to help in the garden but Terry refuses as it is Sunday. Their attractive new neighbour Cynthia Hunter (Jo Rowbottom) arrives wanting help to move paving slabs and Terry is only too willing to lend a hand. Later, June goes round to remind Terry that they have guests about to arrive and finds him in a compromising position with Cynthia. When Malcolm and Beattie arrive they are also in the middle of a row. June tries to reason with Malcolm while Terry tries to calm Beattie which leads to her leaving Malcolm. Days later Malcolm demands that Terry arrange a date with Cynthia which leads June to find Terry in another compromising position. On returning home, Terry attempts to get Malcolm to explain the situation to June, but discovers that Malcolm and Beattie are reconciled which prevents Malcolm from exonerating Terry. June eventually believes Terry and all ends well.
18 "The Chaotic Peaceful Weekend" Dave and Greg Freeman Peter Whitmore 11 December 1981 (1981-12-11)
The Medfords are having a weekend away at the pub which Terry's nephew Alan manages. When they arrive Alan informs them that the area managers are coming to inspect the pub and asks them to help as he is short-staffed. He leaves them in charge while he goes to collect the barmaid whose moped has broken down. The area managers arrive unknown to the Medfords and observe a catalogue of disasters including Terry's wet socks in the hot food container and a severe shortage of drinking vessels. When Alan returns the area manager tells him how incompetent they have been and orders him to sack Terry and June giving them one week's wages in lieu of notice, which Terry readily accepts.
19 "In Sickness And In Health" John Kane Peter Whitmore 18 December 1981 (1981-12-18)
Terry's superior, Malcolm, who is due to go to a company seminar in Eastbourne starting on Monday, is struck down by flu, so company chairman Sir Dennis insists that Terry must go instead. Terry is delighted, viewing it as a free five day holiday, but on the Friday night before the event he begins to develop the symptoms of flu. June advises him to call Sir Dennis and get someone else to take his place, but Terry is sure he can shake it off before they leave as he believes he has a much better constitution than Malcolm. After two days of being waited on in bed Terry is feeling much better, but by Sunday morning June has developed the same symptoms. Terry believes that if he looks after everything she will be sufficiently recovered to accompany him to Eastbourne the next day. They do make it to Eastbourne, albeit with Terry in a wheelchair having broken his leg by falling down the stairs while he was looking after June.
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Series Three (1981)
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