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A forum dedicated to the sitcom Terry & June, and predecessor, Happy Ever After.
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 Series Four (1982)

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PostSubject: Series Four (1982)   Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:01 am

21 "A Piece of the Action" John Kane John B. Hobbs 5 January 1982 (1982-01-05)
June wins a prize in a raffle run by Terry's company. Sir Dennis's secretary Miss Fennel presents them with a 3000 piece jigsaw. Malcolm laughs and says jigsaws are for children and that Terry won't have time anyway as he wants him to do a report for Sir Dennis. Unfortunately, Malcolm has given him the wrong data and as he can't collect it until Monday, Terry and June spend all weekend fitting the jigsaw together only to find the last piece is not from their jigsaw. On Monday morning Sir Dennis is waiting for the report while Malcolm and Terry argue about who should take the blame. When June and Malcolm's wife Beattie crash into Sir Dennis's Rolls Royce they agree that Terry will take the blame for the crash if Malcolm claims responsibility for the delayed report. In Sir Dennis's office June admits to the crash, but his anger soon subsides when Terry drops his erroneous piece of jigsaw and Sir Dennis discovers it's the missing piece from his jigsaw. They swap pieces leaving Malcolm to explain about the report.
22 "Snookered" Terry Ravenscroft John B. Hobbs 12 January 1982 (1982-01-12)
Terry buys a second-hand half-size snooker table for £30. He's sure that he's as good as a professional. After challenging June to a game he realises that he's awful and decides to sell it. Unaware that Terry has put an ad in the paper, June sells it to the dustman. When people start offering Terry double and triple the asking price he thinks it's an antique and buys it back off the dustman for £70. He takes it to an antique shop (doing £40 of damage in the shop) only for them to tell him it's rubbish. But Terry refuses to believe that and pays another expert £30 for a second opinion, only to receive the same answer. Eventually, the man that Terry bought the table from asks to buy it back as he misses it. Terry refuses but soon changes his mind when he discovers that the newspaper has mistakenly put his phone number next to the description of a full-sized snooker table.
23 "Camping" Dave and Greg Freeman John B. Hobbs 19 January 1982 (1982-01-19)
Terry's neighbours bring their film reels round of their recent holiday. Wishing they could go on holiday, Terry and June decide to take up camping as a less expensive option. They decide to test it out in the garden one night but are bitten by insects, interrupted by neighbours and Terry is annoyed when he finds June watching TV back in the house. Terry locks the house and throws the key on the lawn in the dark. He breaks in a window to get candles and the police arrest him for burglary. When he gets back home, June is in the house in bed and Terry joins her.
24 "The Cowering Inferno" John Kane John B. Hobbs 26 January 1982 (1982-01-26)
The Medfords are away at a company conference hosted by Terry's chairman Sir Dennis Hodge. Things start badly when the only parking space is on the top floor of the car park; then the lift is out of order, so they have to carry their luggage down several flights of stairs. Once in their hotel room Terry receives a phone call from Sir Dennis telling him that he's late for the first meeting. In his haste Terry pours June's perfume on his hair instead of hair tonic. Once he arrives at the meeting, Terry is informed that he's making the opening speech as Malcolm can't attend the conference. Sir Dennis says he will take June to the dinner-dance giving Terry time to learn the speech. June doesn't get back till after one in the morning and Terry is still awake. They receive several interruptions during the night and not realizing that it's nearly time to get up Terry decides to take a couple of sleeping pills. At nine o'clock Terry is still so drowsy that June goes on to make the speech, which pleases Sir Dennis who has just started a new family initiative to get the wives of company employees involved in the business.
25 "The Auction" Dave and Greg Freeman John B. Hobbs 2 February 1982 (1982-02-02)
The Medfords receive a visit from their Vicar, who asks them if they can donate some antiques for the church auction. He also wants their help to persuade their neighbour and former auctioneer Tarquin Spry to help. Terry tells the vicar that Tarquin is much too busy and volunteers to be the auctioneer. Tarquin later finds out what Terry said and asks him to step aside. Terry refuses so Tarquin reminds him that he has no experience of acting as an auctioneer and will make a mess of it. At the auction things go wrong and Tarquin is in attendance looking smug, so Terry tries to irritate him by rejecting his set of restored china dogs. During the ensuing argument Terry turns his back and Tarquin places one of the dogs on the lectern. Unaware Terry turns round and bangs his hammer on the lectern to restore order and in the process destroys the china dog.
26 "Something To Get Alarmed About" Terry Ravenscroft John B. Hobbs 9 February 1982 (1982-02-09)
The Medfords wake in the night to hear burglars downstairs. Terry kits himself out with a cricket bat and goes to tackle them but they run off when they hear him. June is worried and says they should get a burglar alarm. Terry agrees until he discovers how much they cost. He says all they need is a recording of a dog barking, but finds this much more difficult to achieve than he imagined. Eventually, June recommends recording a jingle of a dog barking from Tony Blackburn's Radio 1 show. Next Terry sets to work making a pressure pad to play the recording when someone steps on the mat inside their front door. He asks June to enter through the front door, banging his head in the process, but it doesn't work. Many blows to the head later, his alarm system is working perfectly, but it attracts all the dogs from the neighbourhood into their house causing Terry to realize that a traditional burglar alarm would be easier.
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Series Four (1982)
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