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The Terry and June/Happy Ever After Forum

A forum dedicated to the sitcom Terry & June, and predecessor, Happy Ever After.
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Welcome to the Home Page!

The Forum was created on 26 August 2012 at 19:18pm. We have 6 members, but hope that with the support of our users we can build up more members over time.

Terry and June was a British Sitcom, written by John Kane, and starring Terry Scott and June Whitfield as middle-class, middle aged couple Terry and June Medford, and the series follows their daily lives, with Terry working for a company that is experienced in Fire Extinguishers, and June playing the housewife, who is friends with Beattie Harris, who is the wife of Terry's Boss, Malcolm Harris. The series ran for 9 series from 1979-1987.

This Appreciation Society is here to appreciate the great British sitcom and what the actors and actresses have been up to before and after Terry and June.

So why not join up today, it's FREE, it's FRIENDLY, and it's FUN!